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Turku Music Festival goes SHIFT Business Festival

The SHIFT Business Festival will occupy Kakolanmäki in Turku on 24–25 August 2022. This coincides with the Turku Music Festival, whose dates are 15–28 August 2022. Both are old-established events in the Turku region and have now entered into cooperation, and as a result the Turku Music Festival is bringing the Ilkka Arola Sound Tagine Duo to perform at the opening of SHIFT.

Cross-sectoral cooperation is fuel for innovation

The Turku Music Festival and the SHIFT Business Festival share a broad value base, including internationalisation, pioneering and strong collaborative relationships. This year, the Turku Music Festival and SHIFT decided to join forces, and as a result the Turku Music Festival is bringing the Ilkka Arola Sound Tagine Duo to perform at the opening of SHIFT.

“Throughout the pandemic, we’ve been thinking about innovations, new partnerships and new products. Engaging with a local business festival is an obvious way of expanding our field of cooperation and to reach out to new audiences. These two events share the same goals: to make Turku an interesting focus for ideas and creativity with impacts beyond the borders of Finland. We wish SHIFT every success and definitely wish to work further with them in the future,” says Liisa Ketomäki, Managing Director of the Turku Music Festival Foundation.

The SHIFT Business Festival brings together growth-oriented enterprises to look to the future. SHIFT offers visions, networks and tools for enterprises aiming for the cutting edge. This year, the two main themes at SHIFT are leadership in a digitalised world on the one hand and climate change and technology on the other. The rapid changes that the world has experienced in the past few years have increased the importance of leadership and change management.

“Cross-sectoral cooperation is fuel for innovation. It is because of this that a high-quality arts programme forms an important part of SHIFT and of the visitor experience. It is particularly brilliant to be working with a local, internationally renowned music event,” says Jutta Ruusunen, Managing Director of the SHIFT Business Festival.

Irresistible groove at the SHIFT Business Festival opening

“Collaborative projects like this are hugely important for operators in our sector and in our region. The SHIFT Business Festival is a pioneer in its field, just like the Turku Music Festival. The Ilkka Arola Sound Tagine Duo illustrates our pioneering profile with their imaginative, unusual and compelling music,” says Eveliina Salminen, Sales and Marketing Manager at the Turku Music Festival.

The Ilkka Arola Sound Tagine play music full of feeling and irresistible groove. Ilkka Arola draws on his imagination and the fascinating sounds of the world to create powerfully visual music that transports the listener to a voyage of discovery. On their most recent album Blue & Golden (Flame Jazz Records 2022), the Ilkka Arola Sound Tagine continue to revel in the sound of traditional acoustic instruments but also throw in electronic sounds from Turkish psychedelic and dance music of the Middle East.

The opening of the SHIFT Business Festival will be held on 24 August 2022 from 10.30. The Ilkka Arola Sound Tagine Duo will perform on the main stage after Jutta Ruusunen’s opening remarks.

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