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Our Environmental Pledge

The Environmental Pledge of the Turku Music Festival declares that we aim to act in the most responsible and sustainable way possible in all our operations. We wish to make a contribution to the future of our environment. We are committed to the environmental programmes of Visit Finland and EcoCompass.

Under our Environmental Pledge, we undertake to minimise our waste output by having paperless events wherever possible, by enhancing recycling for both our production team and our audiences, by reusing materials and by providing easily accessible recycling points at our venues. In subcontracting, we undertake to select high-quality products and services with environmental certificates, to use recycled materials and to favour local services. We encourage our partners to do the same.

A ticket to a concert or event of the Turku Music Festival always includes free travel on Föli local buses. The Festival encourages audiences and employees alike to use public transport. Moreover, audience members have the option of buying an Environment Ticket, which includes a contribution to the Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (the contribution percentage varies by concert).

Our goals for the next three years are:
  • 1. No more concert-specific programme leaflets
    We will print one programme book at the beginning of each season, containing the principal information on each concert. The full programme details will always be available on our website,
  • 2. Developing publicity on corporate responsibility
    We wish our audiences, partners and employees to know what our values are.
  • 3. No more year-specific T-shirts or other clothing
    We will no longer be printing branded clothing except what is necessary for our staff, and these items will be printed without year numbers, so that they can be used over several years. We will only use responsible partners when selecting fabrics, providers and printers.
  • 4. Active encouragement for audience members to use public transport
    We will engage in closer cooperation with Föli and other public transport operators.
  • 5. Training our team in corporate responsibility and environmental protection
  • 6. Making corporate responsibility a key pillar of our foundation’s work

We undertake to instruct our staff and our partners on how they can comply with our environmental values and our Environmental Pledge. We will continuously update this Environmental Pledge with our team.

Want to hear more about our sustainability activities? Contact us!

Eveliina Salminen
Sales and Marketing Manager

+358 (0)40 524 5531