Originally from North Karelia, Miia is a certified yoga teacher, dance instructor, event producer, coach and lecturer. Yoga and dance have taken her abroad to train as far as Thailand and to work at various international events. With her captivating and cheerful personality, Miia is a familiar instructor to many Turku residents from years ago and no one goes home from her classes without a good vibe. According to Miia’s loyal clients, as a coach and instructor she is present, patient and practical.

Miia has performed, coached, trained and directed in demanding international projects and her expertise has been enjoyed by companies, schools, charter groups and athletes, among others. Miia also has a strong dance background and has represented the Finnish national team in the “Showmamas” team from Paimio.

Miia has her own personal way of combining creative movement and music without boundaries and has collaborated extensively with musicians and artists. The Dance & Yoga Party she conceptualised was a collaboration with Selecta Andor, the number one DJ in Helsinki for Basso Radio, reggae, and dancehall.

In Miia’s words “yoga is not a performance, but an experience that supports everyday life and well-being.”

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