Singer-songwriter Yona is one of the superstars in the firmament of Finnish art pop. She is a veritable musical chameleon who has released eight studio albums over her 12-year career, most recently Uni johon herään [The dream to which I wake] (2021) with the Tapiola Sinfonietta.

Yona came to the attention of the wider Finnish public as one of the most surprising performers on the TV show Vain elämää [It’s just life] in autumn 2022. She has been steadily growing her audience, and in the course of her relatively brief career she has already been awarded the distinguished Teosto Prize, two Emma Prizes and the Event of the Year award for her sold-out disc release concert at the Music Centre in Helsinki. Her newest album was also nominated for the Nordic Council Music Prize.

Yona’s music mixes and matches styles and decades in an idiosyncratic and timeless way. She is known for her immersive and energetic live performances, skilful singing and playing, grand emotions and dramatic arcs.