Lauri Porra is a Finnish composer and musician who has been the artistic partner of the Vantaa Orchestra since 2018 and artistic director since 2021. Lauri has extensive experience in contemporary, popular and world music genres, as well as numerous international collaborations. In addition to the Vantaa Orchestra, Porra’s compositions have been performed by the Radio Symphony Orchestra, Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, Lahti Symphony Orchestra and New Bedford Symphony Orchestra, among others. In addition to his orchestral and film compositions, Lauri is also known as a virtuoso bassist whose playing can be heard in both the Lauri Porra Flyover Ensemble under his direction and the Stratovarius Ensemble. Lauri is the great-grandson of composer Jean Sibelius.

The collaboration between the Vantaa Orchestra and Lauri has resulted in, among other works, the Mass of Time and Space (Aineen ja Ajan messu) composed by Porra (premiere 19.11.2018) and the Great Symphonic Journey (Suuri Sinfoninen Matka) concerto presented at the Helsinki Festival in 2019.

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