Soprano Tuuli Lindeberg is particularly known as a performer of Baroque and contemporary vocal music. Tuuli sings regularly with Finland’s best orchestras and chamber ensembles and performs regularly in Finland’s classical music venues, concert series and festivals. Tuuli’s wide repertoire ranges from intimate lute songs, baroque madness, classical lieder and electro-acoustic contemporary music to large-scale oratorio roles and major stage roles.

Tuuli is an active advocate and performer of contemporary music, whose singing voice and musicianship have inspired many Finnish composers. Recently, Tuuli has premiered music by Olli Kortekankas, Juhani Nuorvala, Asta Hyvärinen, Hannu Pohjannoro, Mari Sainio, Minna Leinonen, Sampo Haapamäki and Kaija Saariaho, among others. Over the years, Tuuli has performed a particularly large number of stage roles in chamber opera and interdisciplinary artistic productions in Finland.

A graduate of the East Helsinki Music Academy, Tuuli initially studied piano, choir conducting and music theory, and sang in numerous vocal ensembles before embarking on a solo career. She studied singing at the Sibelius Academy under Ritva Auvinen and graduated with a Master of Music degree in 2002. Today, in addition to her performing work, Tuuli enjoys teaching, unearthing forgotten vocal repertoire and repertoire design. She teaches vocal music in her own specialisation at the Sibelius Academy and is the Artistic Director of the music festival Musica nova Helsinki.

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