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17.03.2023 | 20:00

Ruissalo Boatyard, Lindblom Hall



Kasmir, vocals
Lasse Piirainen, piano

Tickets 38 | 79 | 109 €

What does a concert evening surrounded by festoon lights, wine boxes, candles and your favourite people sound like?

The most atmospheric concerts in Finland will take place this spring at Ruissalo Shipyard when Telakka Unplugged premieres!

There will be two unforgettable acoustic concerts where the artists will be brought to the centre of the audience. The evenings can be combined with dinner at Ruissalo Shipyard’s Restaurant Tenlén. The meals are a cross-section of the best dishes from Tenlén’s á la carte menu. The menu is only served to the whole table.

The Telakka Unplugged concert series is a new co-production between the Turku Music Festival and Ruissalo Shipyard.