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Scenes from the Red God


27.04.2024 | 19:00

Turku Concert Hall



Pirkko Saisio, dramaturgy
Atte Kilpinen, dance & choreography
Valtteri Lehtinen, actor
Laura Vikman, music design

Terry Riley (1935–):
Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector
Petri Aarnio, violin
Laura Vikman, violin
Ezra Woo, viola
Mikko Ivars, cello

Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov (1844–1908):
Hymn to the Sun
arr. Fritz Kreisler

Laura Vikman, violin
Jouko Laivuori, piano

Leonid Desyatnikov (1955–):
Eskizï k zakatu Эскизы к закату (Sketches to Sunset)

  1. Absalom’s Death
  2. Death in Venice
  3. Jewish Lambada
  4. Lot’s Daughters
  5. Take Five and Seven
  6. Tango in E minor
  7. Evening
  8. Love

Yuki Koyama, flute
Fatima Boix, clarinet
Jouko Laivuori, piano
Laura Vikman, violin
Iikka Järvi, double bass

Tickets 38 | 35 | 18 €

Duration 1 h, no intermission

Turku Music Festival brings one of the most astonishing acts of 2024 to Turku!

Scenes from the Red God is a dramatic dialogue-dance piece. It deals with life, death and love. The work is inspired by ancient myths and mystical paintings. The work combines music, acting and dance.

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