Soprano Uli Kontu-Korhonen graduated with a Master of Music degree from the Sibelius Academy in Helsinki. She has also attended masterclasses given by Evelyn Tubb, Michael Fields, Stephen Stubbs, Suzie LeBlanc and members of the Hilliard Ensemble.

Uli Kontu-Korhonen plays several Medieval instruments, portative organ, dulcimer and sinfonia, and she has been a vocal soloist with Medieval music ensemble Oliphant for more than 20 years. The ensemble performs repertoire from 12th-century monody to polyphonic Ars Nova and has recorded previously obscure music by Medieval trouvères. Kontu-Korhonen and soprano Anneliina Rif also perform as Duo Medieval, singing and playing Medieval instruments.

In addition to giving solo recitals, Uli has been involved in productions of the Medieval liturgical drama Ludus Danielis and the mystery play Ordo Virtutum by Hildegard of Bingen. She has also performed music in several other stage and dance productions. In addition to her work in Finland, she has given concerts in several other European countries, released albums on the Alba Records and Fuga labels and made recordings for Finnish radio.

Uli Kontu-Korhonen teaches early music and hospital and care music at the Art Academy of the Turku University of Applied Sciences.

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