Teacher, artist and master lace-maker master Tarmo Thorström is a teacher trainer at the University of Turku, but outside of work he is interdisciplinary and artistic. Most often, the unifying factor is his special area of expertise in the Rauma craft tradition, which takes shape in Portrait of Tosca’s of a fallen angel in the form of lace wings. Thorström, who is not afraid to experiment with new materials or forms, is also known internationally as a pioneer of the technique of lace-making. In addition to natural fibres, he works with light, paint, metal and wood.

Thorström, who is responsible for the costumes and visuals for Portrait of Tosca, has also previously worked as a performing artist in chamber music. The theme of Rauma Festivo 2021 was Eight Life Passions and Seven Deadly Sins, with crafts as one of the life passions. In the piece, Thorström did lace work on stage with his fingers that measured movement, direction and momentum, and musician Eero Grundström improvised so that the movements of Thorström’s hands became one more instrument for the piece.

Artist's events

08.06.2024 Portrait of Tosca