Currently based in France, Irina Björklund is a Finnish-born actress and musician. Her recent work includes the leading role in the TV series Rauhantekijä [Peacemaker]. Her principal roles in cinema are in the films Rukajärven tie [The Ambush], Minä ja Morrison [Minä ja Morrison], Honey Baby, Kolme viisasta miestä [Three Wise Men] and her widely noted appearance with George Clooney in The American.

Björklund’s music is compelling and varied. In the course of her musical career, she has boldly journeyed through themes that interest her, creating brilliant albums and concert programmes for public concerts and private events alike. She first attracted wider attention as a musician with her albums in French, including La vie est une fête (2014), which featured elegant translations of Finnish classic songs. Barely Ann-Mari (2020) focuses on the theme of peace.

Irina Björklund’s début as an author, Haikuja ihmiskunnalle [Haikus for Humanity], confronts the reader with the question of how we can contribute to the wellbeing of our planet and of humanity in our everyday lives. The book is a thought-provoking visual experience enlivened by haikus written by Björklund and translated into 12 languages, photographs by Janne Haavisto and drawings by French graphic artist Yann Chapus. Alongside Björklund, the book gives voice to actor and author Peter Franzén, mountain climber Bouchra Baibanou, poet Claudio Pozzani, actors Daniel Henney and Ramiro Blas and the young Congolese climate ambassadors for UNICEF, Ketsia Passou and Emmanuel Jidisa. The concept album and concerts accompanying the book contribute to One Tree Planted and to the protection of natural forests.

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