Erin’s latest single, Anna mun rakastaa [Let me love] was released in early January 2022 and went straight to no. 7 on Spotify. It was well received by listeners, as were its predecessors: the single Niinku koko ajan [Like all the time] (April 2021) also went straight to radio playlists and established itself as one of the most frequently streamed tracks on Spotify, and Erin’s comeback single Yhtenä sunnuntaina [On one Sunday] (May 2020) quickly became one of Finland’s most often played tracks and a list topper on all radio stations. After months on the Spotify Top 50 list, Yhtenä sunnuntaina was awarded Radio Song of the Month by Radiomedia in September and October 2020, meaning that in those months it was the song listened to by the most Finns on radio.

Known for her unique voice and gripping performances, Erin released her first solo album Hunningolla [Gone to ruin] in 2011, and it has since gone multiple platinum with more than 80,000 copies sold. This album contained the huge hits Vanha nainen hunningolla [Old woman gone to ruin], Popeda, Vanha sydän [Old heart] and On elämä laina [Life is on loan]. Her second album Sä osaat! [You can do it!] went double platinum and contained the hit single Ei taida tietää tyttö [I guess the girl doesn’t know], which was named Song of the Year by the Finnish Music Publishers Association in 2014. Erin’s most recent album Seliseli [Yada yada], which included the single Kohta hänen [Soon his], was released in 2016.

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