With a charm radiating from the sincerity of his music, Arppa is an emerging artist on a sharply rising trajectory. His music appears timeless, and his lyrics are like moving images. He has assembled some of the most captivating musicians of his generation, creating a beautiful and coherent sound world around his poetry along with improvisation-driven live performances bursting with energy.

Arppa’s band includes musicians Ville-Veikko Airaniemi, Antti Ahoniemi and Okko Saastamoinen, and producer Väinö Karjalainen joins them in the recording studio. Arppa self-published his début album in August 2020 and now enjoys life as one of the most promising artists to emerge in recent years. He is frequently playlisted on Finnish radio stations, sold out a gig at Korjaamo in Helsinki in autumn 2020 and was nominated for the rookie breakthrough listing of YleX radio.

Arppa released his second album, Kinovalon alla, on 24 September 2021. The LP version sold out in three weeks. The album proved a hit with audiences and critics alike, and the singles ‘Laila’, ‘Väistä’, ‘Hauki’ and ‘Oulu (theme)’ all gained radio play nationwide. Arppa’s live gigs were also well attended on his album launch tour in autumn 2021, being sold out at several venues. In all, the year 2021 was a very good one for him, as he received four nominations for Emma awards (Rookie of the Year, Rock of the Year, Critics’ Choice and Artist of the Year by Audience Vote) and 3rd place in the ‘Best of the Year’ survey by Soundi magazine.

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